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Welcome to Your Very Own Skybox

Through the rooftops and treetops and out across the downtown skyline, the view just keeps going. You’re close enough to downtown, you can almost reach out and touch it. But you’re just far enough away, you can retreat into your own private oasis. From atop your South Hill Rowhouse, this is your view.

South Hill Rowhouses and the re-emergence of 10th St. are in the news!!

It’s a Sunny Morning on South Hill.

As you walk down 10th St., a light breeze picks up the scent of gardenias and lilies, of fresh berries, tomatoes, and peppers from the farmer’s market. Keep walking and now it’s bread and donuts wafting over from Olsen Bake Shop and a dark Italian roast coffee from a cozy sidewalk cafe.

There’s Something Timeless
About this Place.

If you’re not looking at your smartphone, you might even forget for a minute what year it is. This is a neighborhood full of colorful stories and characters. Built in the 1890s as an enclave of Italian immigrants, many of the old buildings and traditions remain. It has an Old World spirit and a sense of community that has carried over the years, through backyard barbecues and block parties, homemade meatballs and cannoli, a toast at dusk with cold beer on a hot summer night. 

At your back is the downtown skyline. You could turn around and walk that way if the mood struck, and you’d be in the Old Market in ten minutes. But, that’s for another time. Because where you are at this moment, walking on South Hill, is perfect.


Modern, Contemporary Design
with Classic Materials.

These Rowhouses are designed and built to last and to increase in value as the neighborhood continues to blossom. Full of amenities, there are an array of options depending on which unit you select, including: private rooftop deck, 2-car garage, and backyard.


Open and Bright.

Open floor plans, with lots of natural light. Stylish details, with a contemporary feel that still has character and charm. There are an array of interior options as well. Make your South Hill Rowhouse your own.

South Hill Rowhouses Team



Clarity Development Co.
With over 30 years combined experience in residential and multi-use real estate, Clarity is dedicated to high quality design, construction, and development of unique, award-winning real estate projects across the country. We are proud to bring forward the South Hill Rowhouses and be part of the rebirth of one of Omaha's greatest neighborhoods.



RDG Planning and Design
Located in downtown Omaha, RDG has been doing award-winning design for over 50 years. With deep experience in urban design, RDG was a natural choice for the project. 



Nebraska Realty 
Retained as the listing brokerage firm for the project, Nebraska Realty is a locally owned, full service real estate company dedicated to providing the highest level of service through its’ over 300 highly trained agents. 

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